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Moving Backwards Instead of Forward – Do What God Has Called You To DO!

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt a leading to read the book of Jeremiah. I am ashamed to say that I knew that upon reading it the Spirit would reveal to me a Word of reproach that our Lord wanted to speak to me and through me, so I prolonged reading it. … Continue reading

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examine yourself / Loving God / Obeying God / power and ability / Sinning / temptation / Walking in love

Do You Love God?

Jesus said, “If you [really] love Me, you will (obey) My commands.” (John 14:15) I believe that many people have been deceived by the enemy of our souls into thinking that because we sin we are incapable of truly obeying God. That is a lie! God is at work in us helping us to want … Continue reading

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It’s All About A Relationship

True followers of Christ understand that Jesus died in our place for our sins and because of the blood that was shed at Calvary we now have right standing with God. We are made righteous with God because of what Christ Jesus did. We can now go boldly before the throne of God so that … Continue reading

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