WeUsed2bu Ministries

WeUsed2bu is a ministry that I founded in 2008. WeUsed2bu is a Christian Girl advice site that allows girls and women from all over the world to seek Christian advice anonymously online.

WeUsed2bu’s Vision

Our vision is to provide guidance to girls and young women by sharing our life experience, providing wise biblical counsel, and sharing the love of Christ.

WeUsed2bu’s Mission

Our mission is to be a light to other girls and women. We plan to disrupt the plan of the enemy to destroy these young women’s lives by unveiling his lies with the Word of God.

WeUsed2bu is an advice site for Christian girls and any young women that needs positive guidance with their everyday lives. We are here to provide wisdom and encouragement using the Word of God and our life experiences.

We are open to discuss situations that may arise in young women’s life such as peer pressure, drugs, smoking, sex, alcohol, gangs, bullying, abuse, or boys. Many have questions regarding their faith and spiritual walk, trusting God, helping a friend, or may have prayer requests. We are here ready to listen without passing judgment, full of love, and a desire to serve other women.

We are a group of women from different backgrounds that have shared many of the same experiences, trials, and tribulations as girls do today. We know and remember clearly how tough it was for us to live up to our parents’ and society’s expectations for young women.

We learned the hard way that things do not always turn out how we plan. Feelings of sadness, loneliness, trying to find our place, confusion, and fear are ones that we will never forget. The Lord did not allow the enemy to destroy us because He had a purpose for our lives. We understand that everything we went thru God allowed for such a time as this.

On this site we have shared just of some of our experiences. You will see that we encountered some of the same things that you do today.

We pray that you will see WE USED TO BE YOU!

Statement of Faith

Our Core Values

Seeking Advice

Meet The Women Of WeUsed2bu

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