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Trusting Him Anyways!

As I sit here thinking about how my sister is going to have a major heart surgery tomorrow morning I am comforted knowing that my God is Faithful. There will be times when we will or someone we love will experience sorrow or terrible hardship. We have got to remember and meditate on the fact that Jesus loves us and for that reason He will work EVERY situation out for our good, if we allow him to.(Romans 8:28)We can rest in His hands.

His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9)Often times it is hard to understand what he is doing in our lives while we are going through difficult times. However, we have got to trust Him anyways! Blessed are those who don’t doubt Him. (Matt. 11:6) He will give us hind’s feet so that we can go over the mountains of life. He will be our strength. (Habakkuk 3:19)

My mother died when I was just sixteen. I have been a slave to drugs and the world. I was sentenced to prison at just 20 years old leaving behind a fifteen month old daughter. I have experienced sorrow and drama in my life, but I know that that our Lord allowed it for such a time as this.

Today those same experiences that caused me so much sorrow makes me want to comfort others who are facing difficult situations. He has put a desire on my heart to tell everyone I meet and know that they are not alone. It is through our tough times that we are molded and purified so that we can be used by Jesus to bring glory to God.

PLEASE trust God! He IS with you! Let Him comfort you. Let Him be your strength. He will hold you up with His victorious right hand. Who better to understand your suffering, heal your emotional wounds, and give you peace than Jesus Christ our Savior? (Jeremiah 30:17, Jeremiah 33:6) I truly love you with all of my heart and you all are always in my prayers.


One thought on “Trusting Him Anyways!

  1. for such a time as this. so trueWe all have our life experiences to reflect back on and praise our beloved Lord that we made it through with a stronger heart and desire for our Savior. His teachings have brought us so many blessings and I KNOW that he will continue these blessings with your sister’s surgery:O God, the source of all health.Fill our hearts with faith.Be near us in times of weakness and pain. Although we know You are in control, she is apprehensive about what faces her. You made us, loved us, and have provided her surgeon with needed skill to perform a miracle in her behalf. Sustain her by Your grace that her strength and courage may not fail; Heal her according to Your will.Amen.

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